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Current Issue: coverThe Grocery Issue 2017

On the cover: Grocery is one of the most competitive sectors in the entire retail landscape. And equal to its level of competition is the complexity of the challenges and issues that those within the sector deal with on a daily basis. Razor-thin margins, a discerning and evolving consumer and logistical demands are but a few of the hurdles that grocers must regularly overcome to remain successful and deliver the products and services that today’s Canadian grocery consumer has come to expect. Read the full issue.

Also in this issue:

Breaking the chain
Consumer demand and digital technology are transforming how traditional supply chains operate. For grocery retailers, it’s clear that this is no longer your father's supply chain.

van Stolk takes retail to the Last Frontier founder and speaker at RCC’s upcoming STORE 2017 warns grocers to reimagine the grocery shopping experience if they want customers to keep coming back.

Special in this issue:

The finalists are…
From more than 100 submissions, the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards jury has announced the finalists for this year’s awards. Find out who made the list in four different categories of grocery product excellence.

Launching Strellson's North American Expansion
After opening its first Canadian store in 2012, Swiss men’s fashion brand, Strellson, has expanded to five locations, with plans for further growth over the next few years.

Entering the great white north
Over the past several years, a considerable number of international brands have entered Canada by opening freestanding stores. 2016 was certainly no exception, with a number of exciting openings ranging from small boutiques to department store retailers.

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Previous Issue: The Human Resources Issue 2017

On the cover: Human Resources departments are busier today than they ever have been before. In addition to sourcing talent, onboarding and training that talent and providing ongoing skills development opportunities, they’re also searching for the technological tools that can help make their jobs more efficient and impactful for the entirety of their organizations. And all the while, they’re taking care of retail’s most important asset: people.

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Also in this issue:

Building a culture of positive mental health
It’s hard to measure how depression, anxiety and other illnesses impact each person. But when economic costs are measured, the severity of mental illness on the retail business becomes obvious. What are retailers doing to ensure positive mental health among their employees?

Hiring in the digital age
Recruiting is not what it used to be. Retailers are increasingly leveraging different methods, enabled by technology, to attract and find top talent more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

The Millennial effect
Millennials’ value as consumers has been explored nearly to death. But, there's an aspect to the Millennial generation that has attracted substantially less attention: their impact on the workplace.

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